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Power of Gold

Certificate from the Skin Test Institute, Switzerland

Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare, Certificates
Certificate from the Skin Test Institute, Switzerland

The Skin Test Institute, a prestigious skin research center in Switzerland, showed in 2014 the positive effects of using gold flakes on human skin. This institute, which tests the ingredients and performance of cosmetics throughout the European Union, has confirmed the power of gold.


After two eight-week facial treatment studies using gold flake skincare products, the institute was able to confirm the positive effects of gold in facial creams. The first certificate issued above certifies that gold was able to improve skin elasticity by 26% over the study period. The second certificate shows that gold flakes were able to improve skin luminance and create a reduction in the melanin index.


The data from this research has given us more confidence in recommending our products to consumers. With our very simple skincare methods, we are confident that our products will help people see real improvements in their skin conditions and in reducing the effects of aging. As such, we plan to continue producing the finest gold flake skincare products for our customers.

Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare, Power of Gold

A Bit More about Gold

Gold-containing medications, such as auranofin and gold sodium thiomalate, are used to treat immune-related conditions like rheumatism. Gold was therefore thought to have a strong affinity for immunity. Because we believe that gold improves the beauty of skin through immune cells, Royal Cosmetics has studied the mechanism of gold.

Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare, Power of Gold

Our study revealed that by applying gold topically to the skin, immune cells help producing moisturizing components like hyaluronic acid. Additionally, we discovered that gold stimulates epidermal cells to create less of the chemicals that promote melanin formation.

And, we examined that gold decreases the activity of the enzyme that promotes melanin formation. We conclude that these mechanisms are how gold illuminates the skin. When we presented our research findings at academic conferences in Japan, we won awards for excellent presentations, among other accolades.

By using gold flake skincare products, you can:

• Activate the metabolism of skin cells
• Improve the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
• Experience wrinkle reductions and increased skin elasticity
• Benefit from antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
• Improve your immune response

Royal Cosmetics’ exclusive formula uses a special mixture of gold flakes and other premium ingredients—including herbal essences, a saccharomyces dissolution fluid, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, phosphoric acid ascorbyl Mg. These all-natural, high quality ingredients create an oil-free product that, with the power of gold, fight against aging skin issues.