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Pure Gold Skincare Since 1987, ROYAL cosmetics has been a leading manufacturer of pure gold cosmetic products and our pure gold creams have been used more than 250,000 customers worldwide. We support healthy skin conditions with the finest ingredients and ongoing scientific research efforts.
Royal Cosmetics, skincare
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Japan’s Premium Gold Flake Skincare

Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare, EX Series
Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare, 21 Series

Since 1987, Royal Cosmetics has been a leading manufacturer of gold flake skincare products. With more than 250,000 customers using our products worldwide, we enhance the skin’s beauty by using the finest ingredients and the latest scientific research. Learn more about the art of Royal Cosmetics. Find out Art of Royal Cosmetics.

Experience the Power of Gold Today

Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare, Collections
Royal Cosmetics, Gold Flake Skincare