FAQ - Royal Cosmetics U.S.A.
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1. Regarding Gold Flakes

How thin are the gold flakes used by Royal Cosmetics?

1/10,000 mm. This extreme fineness is the equivalent of taking a 1/8 ounce piece of gold (3.75 grams) and spreading it out over an area of 17.5 square feet (1.62 square meters). Only such extremely thin gold leaf is used in our cosmetics.


Will the gold flakes be noticeable on my skin?

No. The gold flakes are soft enough such that once they are spread onto the skin, they separate into super-fine particles that cannot be seen. If you are concerned about gold leaf remaining after applying, it will become less noticeable if you break the gold leaf when you pick our cleam or lotion on your hands.
Are the gold flakes used in your cosmetics safe?

Yes. Gold has been popular throughout history for its hypo-allergenic properties. It is both safe and edible so long as it remains in its pure form.


2. Regarding Skincare

After I apply your products, the gold flakes disappear. Are they absorbed into my body?

No, they are not absorbed into the body. While the gold flakes are no longer visible, they continue to exist on the surface of the skin as super-fine particles. Furthermore, all of the gold we use in our products is safe for the human body.


Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

Our Royal Herb Series cosmetics can be used on all types of skin, including regular skin, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. For sensitive skin, while gold is generally considered hypo-allergenic, we still recommend conducting a patch test with our cosmetics when using them for the first time. To conduct the patch test, please do the following:

1. Apply our cream to the inside of your upper arm (on a soft area of skin).
2. Leave on for 24 to 48 hours.
3. If there is no reaction, you can continue to use our cosmetics.


Is it harmful to exfoliate every day?

We don’t recommend exfoliating daily. Depending on your skin condition, once or twice a week is optimal. If you exfoliate more than this, you may remove excessive levels of the stratum corneum, causing the skin to lose its natural protective functions and become highly sensitive.


What is the difference between the EX Series and the 21 Series?

The amount of active ingredients differs. However, both the EX Series and the 21 Series can be used by everyone.


3. Regarding Face Washing

Is your facial cleanser mildly acidic?

No. Both our Herb Soap and Herb Foam are mildly alkaline. The alkali in the soap softens the outermost hardened stratum corneum, making it easier to remove dirt and oil from within the pores. For optimal skincare, a mild alkaline cleanser without fragrances or coloring is the most desirable.

As the skin is mildly acidic, a mildly alkaline facial cleanser will neutralize the acidity of the skin. After washing, the skin will return to its mildly acidic state.


Is exfoliation necessary?

When using makeup that does not contain oil, washing your face with our herb soap or herb foam is enough, making exfoliation unnecessary. Excessive makeup can also be removed by washing your face properly twice.


As I removed my makeup the night before, is it necessary for me to use a cleanser to wash my face again in the morning?

Yes. We recommend that you use either our herb soap or foam for washing your face in the morning. Even while you are sleeping, your face is regenerating itself—releasing oils and perspiration in the process. This results in a mix of dead skin cells and oils on the surface of the skin, which may trap airborne dust or particles. Therefore, your skin should be washed with our soap or foam in the morning as well. (A single washing is sufficient.)


Why do I need to create a lather when washing my face?

The lather helps to remove dirt from your skin. Creating a fine lather produces many tiny bubbles, which fit into the contours of your face to help wash away dirt. These bubbles, by interacting with the dirt directly, also mean that your skin isn’t irritated through direct contact with your fingers.


Which should I choose: the Royal Cosmetics Herb Soap or Herb Foam?

Both products are made with a blend of special plant-based ingredients. Both of them lather well and don’t feel tight after washing. Please choose according to the feeling of use and product shape.


4. Regarding Lotion Masks

If I have oily skin, do I need to use a lotion mask?

Lotion masks are beneficial for all skin types. By replenishing moisture with a lotion mask, the skin’s natural oil secretion is easier to control.


I see that you recommend using a lotion mask once a week. Can I use one daily?

Yes, there is no problem with using one daily. That said, using a lotion mask once a week, when the skin becomes dry or feels flushed, is sufficient. Also, do not use a lotion mask on the same day as you exfoliate.


Why should I not use a lotion mask and exfoliate on the same day?

The skin is particularly sensitive after exfoliation. After removing old, dead skin cells, it is best to let your skin rest for a while, moisturizing it by applying our facial cream as usual.


The instructions for the lotion mask say that I should use it for five minutes. Can I use it for any longer?

We recommend keeping it at five minutes.
To use the lotion mask, first soak it in water. Then, lightly wring the mask and apply herb lotion to it by pressing the applicator 15 to 20 times. As the mask is thin, it will naturally dry from your skin’s heat. If you keep it on your skin after it dries out, it may begin to extract moisture from the skin. Therefore, five minutes is enough to moisturize your skin without the mask drying out.


Why do I apply herb cream after using a lotion mask?

This is for an extended moisturizing effect after the lotion mask is used.


Can the herb lotion used for the facial mask (the 15 to 20 pushes from the applicator) be applied directly to the skin, before laying the moistened mask on top?

No. This causes stress to the skin and should be avoided. By soaking the mask with the herb lotion first, your skin is gradually exposed to the moisturizing effect, without any undue stress. Please use this product as instructed.


I’m worried about blemishes. What should I do?

There are several causes for blemishes. The best way to prevent them is to maintain the regeneration cycle of the skin through proper care. Exfoliation once or twice a week can help to properly protect the surface of your skin.


5. Skin Concerns

I’m concerned about wrinkles, what should I do?

A well-moisturized skin is necessary for firm, wrinkle-free skin. Not only is it important to moisturize daily, but it is also important to avoid UV exposure and dryness caused by air conditioning. Furthermore, a balanced diet and proper rest are essential.


I have a problem with acne. Is there anything that I can do?

As the skin’s surface thickens, pores become smaller. Dead skin cells and dirt clog the pores, making it easier for acne to develop. To combat this, regular face washing is necessary. When washing your face, make sure to create a rich lather with our Herb Soap or Herb Foam. Rinse thoroughly and dry your skin by patting it with a towel. Be sure not to rub your skin while drying it. Replenish your skin’s moisture by applying our Herb Cream.


Is it okay to cover pimples with foundation?

If you have acne, we don’t recommend using foundation. Just touching your acne or applying foundation can cause it to get worse. With time, any foundation will combine with the oils of your skin, become acidic with exposure to UV radiation, and further stress your skin. If you feel you have to use foundation anyway, try a light powdered foundation to hide the acne.


I have large or open pores. What should I do?

Open pores are caused by excessive dead skin cells, which can clog them. Sagging skin due to aging can also cause pores to open. Remove old skin cells through exfoliation once or twice a week to help maintain your skin’s elasticity.