Royal Cosmetic’s Halal Skincare
Enhanced with the Power of Gold

Royal Cosmetics Halal Certified Skincare Collections

SS Series

Our most luxurious series. With the most gold of any of our products, this series is designed to fight even the toughest signs of aging and skin hardening. Containing unique plant-based ingredients like orchid extracts, and packed with vitamins, our SS Cream and Lotion are for those who want the maximum amount of benefits.

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Customer reviews on Amazon
  • Lisa
    Wonderful skincare product!!!

    "This all-in-one Japanese skincare soap and cream have done wonders for my skin! I have already noticed a huge difference in my skin. I am feeling brighter, more rejuvenated, and softer than ever! The non-oil based cream goes on easy and makes my face feel great in the morning! All the Royal Cosmetics have gold flakes in the product which is super cool! Thank you Royal Cosmetics for improving my skincare routine. I will be buying again!"

  • Cheryl
    Amazing skincare!

    "Royal Cosmetics has an amazing anti aging skincare line. Goes on light, absorbs well and does not have a greasy feel. Excellent choice of moisturizing ingredients, that result in soft and silky skin. The gold flakes in the products are pretty neat too. I will definitely purchase again!"

EX Series

The EX Series, with a generous amount of gold to improve the skin’s metabolic functions, as well as aloe vera and Japanese medlar leaf for moisture and protection, will both firm and moisturize your skin.

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Customer reviews on Amazon
  • theresa k.
    Love the gold flakes

    "I'm seriously in love with this cream! It's really moisturizing and left my face feeling super soft. I love the gold flakes in it, I like how they actually come out of the bottle and it gives your face a gold shimmer. I can total feel the anti-aging effects working and will be trying other product from Royal Cosmetics. Helpful"

Who says men don’t want to look younger too? We formulated our products so that they could be used by all—for women and for men. Our elegant, gender-neutral packaging will look appropriate on any countertop.

21 Series

Gold Skincare for all. With less gold for a lighter touch, this product will nonetheless protect and moisturize your skin. It spreads smoothly, and will help to maintain your skin’s healthy balance, day in and day out.

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Customer reviews on Amazon
  • Sydnee H.
    A Must Need!!!

    "I have yet to find a product that has done so much for my skin as this one. This lotion definitely added a much needed boost to my skin care routine! This stuff is fantastic and lasts forever!"

Cleansing Soap & Foam

By blending aloe vera and ginseng extracts, two ingredients known for their hydrating properties, these natural cleansers produce a gentle lather that envelops dirt and prepare your skin for what’s ahead.

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About Royal Cosmetics

Discover the Power of Gold. Royal Cosmetics, one of Japan’s premium cosmetics manufacturer, has been producing simple-to-use, highly effective, gold flake skincare products since 1987.
100% halal, our products are animal free and have been certified by the Nippon Asia Halal Association. Discover our range of products, designed to meet every skin condition and every budget.

6 unique features of Royal Cosmetics

Naturally Halal

As the first Japanese cosmetic maker to be certified as halal by the Nippon Asia Halal Association, we’re proud to serve our Muslim customers. Manufactured in Japan in a cleanroom standard factory, all products are animal and cruelty free.

Prevent Premature Aging

By activating electrical currents within your cells, the gold in our skincare products can improve your skin’s turnover rate and metabolism—leading to healthy, youthful looking skin.

The Power of Gold

Desired for its beauty, gold also has many beneficial effects on health. The gold flakes in our skincare products have been shown to increase the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Gold will increase your skin’s luminance and elasticity.

Top-Class Japanese Quality

With our factory in Yamagata, Japan, a location known for its pristine air and nature, our products are made to exacting standards in an ISO 7 environment. Strict quality control means that every product is perfect before it is sold. Furthermore, each cream or lotion product has a unique serial number for quality control and a tamper proof sticker.

All-in-One Luxury Skincare

Forget those tonics, packs, and exfoliators. Our simple creams and lotions do triple duty—saving you time and money. Rather than buying a separate product when you want to exfoliate, our creams and lotions have been designed so that, by increasing the amount you apply, you can achieve the same effect.

Easy to Use

Two simple steps—washing and moisturizing—how easy does it get? Cleanse your skin with our soap or foam, and moisturize with one of our lotions or creams, that’s it. Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated, and our aim is for you to get out the door quickly with radiant, beautiful skin.

Halal Certified Quality

When creating our Royal Herb Series in 2004, we wanted to make a product that made you feel good as well as look good. To accomplish this, we blended gold flakes with highly effective herbal extracts and pure water, making soaps and lotions that are animal and cruelty-free.
In 2011, despite Japan’s small Muslim population, we decided to take it a step further by becoming the first cosmetics company in the country to obtain halal certification. We are proud to have obtained the recognized of the Nippon Asia Halal Association, one of the foremost trusted certifiers in Japan, mutually certified with JAKIM in Malaysia.
Royal Cosmetics skincare products are truly designed for all.

A bit more story about Gold

Our body’s physical existence is maintained by constant electrical currents flowing throughout us. These currents are closely related to aging issues and are very important in skin cell metabolism. As electrical currents flow through our body, they stimulate skin cells and improve their life cycle. With age however, they tend to decline and weaken, limiting their ability to regulate cell growth.

In its natural state, gold also produces electrical currents by emitting electrons. The nature of this current is very similar to the one we produce in our bodies. By focusing on this characteristic of gold when producing our skincare products, we can ensure that the gold flakes help to activate the electrical currents in your body. This can help with a variety of physical conditions—particularly those related to a weakening of electrical currents caused by aging. The use of gold then promotes skin cell metabolism and reactivates skin cells.

Gold’s activation of skin metabolism has several beneficial effects—including the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. In addition to activating it, gold flakes can also speed up the skin’s metabolism. Furthermore, the gold absorbed in the skin can stimulate blood circulation and can bring about a synergistic effect that empowers the immune system and increases the natural healing powers of our body.

By using gold flake skincare products, you can:
• Activate the metabolism of skin cells
• Improve the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid
• Experience wrinkle reductions and increased skin elasticity
• Benefit from antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
• Improve your immune response

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